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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 by Roger Fredinburg

How to Save America!

by Roger Fredinburg

You are free to make personal choices in America…But!

The way this socialist crud works these days, when you make bad choices we all have to pay for your sins.

If you choose to live a sedentary life, with no exercise, poor eating habits and food choices; if you abuse substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, engage in dangerous or high risk behaviors, your actions have consequences for others. Unbridled selfish behavior runs up the cost of insurances, crowds medical care providers unnecessarily, while stressing government services and society in many ways. You might feel you have a “right” to do it “if it feels good”, but if you feel that way, you fail to recognize how your choices hurt innocent bystanders.

Do you want to live an immoral or unhealthy lifestyle? Fine, but if you hurt any innocents you should be made to be accountable and pay for the damages or even face criminal charges if appropriate. My primary request is that people be required to suffer the consequences of their “personal choices”, pay their own costs and not ask the “Police State” to use force to shake down fellow Americans, neighbors and family to subsidize selfishness and immorality.

While it may be true that you have a “right” to make the “wrong” choices, you do not have the right to require others to pay for your sins. Until that’s resolved in American politics and in the larger society, there will never be any real peace or happiness for the folks who make good choices and do the right things. Using government police powers to rob your neighbors on your behalf is evil and selfish; a kind of stinking thinking that dampens the incentive to for good folks who excel in business and in life. 

Why would anyone put forward a 110% effort if the “police state” is just going to take the fruit by force and give it over to some lay-about or sex pervert down the street? This kind of Obama style social engineering has nearly killed the American dream. The Pilgrim’s tried socialism when they first arrived, and it nearly killed them all. They found out that many people will kick back and mooch off their neighbors if allowed to do so. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

And that’s what’s killing America!

Do we need another William Bradford or someone to implement the biblically correct command by the Apostle Paul, “If you don’t work…you don’t eat”? Look, if you want to laze around, eat like a hog, drink smoke and be merry, then when the big heart attack or stroke hits, don’t expect empathy, sympathy or free medical care. If you can’t pay for it out of your own pocket, then you should be denied unless a charity or 3rd party feels the need to help you. Simply put, you have no right to expect help from folks not responsible for your troubles.

It’s time for Americans to let the “Good Riddance Factor” prevail. We could easily eliminate crime in America. Why pay to police and incarcerate millions of scum bags? Instead, just pay handsome rewards to folks who help prevent, stop or capture criminals.

We can cut our military costs and “Defense Spending” 75% by simply informing the world that we are scaling way back and intend on using all those expensive alternative weapons we Americans coughed up trillions of dollars to create. We could easily rule the world today by being willing to kill our enemies. And, if the world knew we were willing to kill our enemies, I promise everyone would try to be our friend.

Instead of seeking ways to enhance government influence in our lives, huge rewards could be paid to those who find ways to eliminate agencies and overhead by automation or simple policy changes.

To ensure long lasting social peace and eliminate most crime, start training kids in Junior High School how to properly handle firearms for the purpose of defending themselves, their families and country. Teach ethics and morality from early ages and stop scoffing at the Christian ideals that helped America become the greatest country on earth. A fully armed America is a free America. And an armed and trained America is safer yet.

No more free electric scooters for folks who brought on their own health problems, no more free food and housing, no more free medical care for folks who by their “personal choices” caused their own diseases. End welfare, free child care and make young parents fulfill their responsibilities or face severe criminal charges. End the fallacy of lifetime careers and unnaturally early paid retirements for over-paid and mostly unnecessary politico’s and bureaucrats.

Imagine living in a “FAIR” America where we allow people to honestly reap what they sow, an America that allows people to get exactly what they deserve.

Now that’s FAIRNESS. 

Just watch how fast folks stop making bad choices when we stop paying their bills.

To save America, we need to get back to basic, moral and simple values. To do anything less is more than a national travesty, it’s more like treason.

Or, is it possible that Americans are okay with being the enemies within?

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 by Roger Fredinburg

Obama Saves Iraq!, Purple Thumbs, VOTE, US of Welfare, EARL, DWTS, Eggs, GOP and more…

Listen to the Grand Mouse Roger Fredinburg pontifiacte about life in America.


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