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State of Jefferson`s Plan to Save America Basics

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Plan to Save America Basics

To save America, we must fight fire with fire .. we must become the government, and fight government with government powers, individuals simply get swallowed up and devoured.


I only need displaced Constitutionalists who have already lost everything to relocate and who are ready to make the next move in their lives. The State Of Jefferson S. Oregon/N Ca. is a good place to recover or chill during and after the depression.We have to start by taking one town .. then a County .. then, hopefully, dozens of towns and counties

The real power is at the local level with large numbers of like minded folks on a mission.

Here it is.

We populate and elect our own and take control of a county and a city or two .. Openly .. so they see us coming like the plague, one area at a time ..

I picked S. Oregon because it has tons of natural resources (wealth) , Farming, Ranches, timber, mining, rivers and lakes, grazing land, untapped forest and a sea port, on the ocean, no foreign neighbors ..

I am advocating that a million Patriotic Americans move to Southern Oregon where once the State of Jefferson had been approved but got lost in the shuffle of WWll.

They have home rule charter counties and could easily repel both State and Federal mandates and then we could take our liberty back..

Or, Make a stand and watch it spread.

We later could take over small cities across the country and fight back by using the same “color of Law” they operate with.

It’s that “color of law” thing that they can’t repel.

Under the “Color of Law” we can arrest our domestic enemies, lock them up and fine them etc. under “color of law”. First we need a capital city, a County to start the movement. And a few thousand friends.

Don’t want to be bordered by any foreign country .. Too dangerous without army .. Must have Ocean and sea port for commerce .. need lots of natural resources, water and major freeway access .. again for commerce …Grazing and farm lands .. Only Oregon and N Ca. fit the bill for autonomous living ..


2 Responses to “State of Jefferson`s Plan to Save America Basics”

  1. admin says:

    Everybody need to refuse to get caught up in peeing contests, give the other guy his due and lets save the contry..

  2. James says:

    This is the most idiotic thing I have ever read.