Hillary Clinton will be arrested for her email crimes – but only of the American People call in and demand it!

clinton bonnie and clydeWatch this video and call the DOJ to demand that Hillary Clinton  be arrested, tried and punished for her crimes.

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the deaths of 4 good men in Benghazi, upwards of 50 dead bodies lay in her wake of deceit, lies, corruption and murder. Here email server scandal may have put many US “assets” in harms way – and she has committed multiple felonies as a result of her arrogance and her messiah complex. If the rule of law doesn’t apply to her – then it doesn’t apply to any of us – and that will lead to chaos the likes we have never seen. Help get her arrested by pushing the DOJ over with millions of phone calls.

TV & Cable advertising Rates, Costs & Prices by City & State

Advertising rates#Advertising #rates and #costs for #TV and on #Cable television is still the best media and marketing option for reaching Seniors and the coveted 35 – 64 audience demographic.

Television and Cable TV audiences often make the very best and even some of the the least celebrated Direct Response campaigns succeed.

There is nothing like a good TV ad to draw calls and website visitors to your offer. The secret to making a TV advertising campaign succeed in today’s DVR and Fast Forward TV viewer environment.

The best way to get your TV ad campaign to rock – Pricing, costs and rates must be negotiated at the best possible rate to get the biggest bang for your buck!

There are any number of ad agencies out there who can help achieve that objective. In our experience, the best negotiators in the business are the media buyers at the national advertising agency owned by Ho Hum Media inc. Their media buying arm at radio advertising world is superb for all media buying needs.

Here are some of the cities they serve ads in:

Television & TV Advertising rates, cost and prices – State By State:
New York TV Advertising Rates
North Carolina TV Advertising #Rates #costs
North Dakota TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Ohio TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Oklahoma TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Oregon TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Pennsylvania TV Advertising #Rates #costs
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South Carolina TV Advertising #Rates #costs
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Texas Radio TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Utah Radio TV Advertising #Rates #costs
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Wyoming TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Alabama TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Alaska TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Arizona TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Arkansas TV Advertising #Rates #costs
California TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Colorado TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Connecticut TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Delaware TV Advertising #Rates #costs
District of Columbia TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Florida TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Georgia TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Hawaii TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Idaho TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Illinois TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Indiana TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Iowa TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Kansas TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Kentucky TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Louisiana TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Maine TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Maryland TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Massachusetts TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Michigan TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Minnesota TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Mississippi TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Missouri TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Montana TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Nebraska TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Nevada TV Advertising #Rates #costs
New Hampshire TV Advertising #Rates #costs
New Jersey TV Advertising #Rates #costs
New Mexico TV Advertising #Rates #costs

Call to get TV Ad costs, rates and prices – For the Largest U.S. Cities

Memphis, TN TV Advertising Rates
Mesa, AZ TV Advertising Rates
Miami, FL TV Advertising Rates
Milwaukee, WI TV Advertising Rates
Minneapolis, MN TV Advertising Rates
Nashville, TN TV Advertising Rates
New Orleans, LA TV Advertising Rates
New York, NY TV Advertising Rates
Oakland, CA TV Advertising Rates
Oklahoma City, OK TV Advertising Rates
Omaha, NE Radio Advertising Rates
Philadelphia, PA TV Advertising Rates
Phoenix, AZ TV Advertising Rates
Portland, OR TV Advertising Rates
Sacramento, CA TV Advertising Rates
San Antonio, TX TV Advertising Rates
San Diego, CA TV Advertising Rates
San Francisco, CA TV Advertising Rates
San Jose, CA TV Advertising Rates
Seattle, WA TV Advertising Rates
Tucson, AZ TV Advertising Rates
Tulsa, OK TV Advertising Rates
Virginia Beach, VA TV Advertising Rates
Washington, DC TV Advertising Rates
Albuquerque, NM TV Advertising Rates
Arlington, TX TV Advertising Rates
Atlanta, GA TV Advertising Rates
Austin, TX TV Advertising Rates
Baltimore, MD TV Advertising Rates
Boston, MA TV Advertising Rates
Charlotte, NC TV Advertising Rates
Chicago, IL TV Advertising Rates
Cleveland, OH TV Advertising Rates
Colorado Springs, CO TV Advertising Rates
Columbus, OH TV Advertising Rates
Dallas, TX TV Advertising Rates
Denver, CO TV Advertising Rates
Detroit, MI TV Advertising Rates
El Paso, TX TV Advertising Rates
Fort Worth, TX TV Advertising Rates
Fresno, CA TV Advertising Rates
Honolulu, HI TV Advertising Rates
Houston, TX TV Advertising Rates
Houston, TX TV Advertising Rates
Indianapolis, IN TV Advertising Rates
Kansas City, MO TV Advertising Rates
Las Vegas, NV TV Advertising Rates
Long Beach, CA TV Advertising Rates
Los Angeles, CA TV Advertising Rates
Louisville, KY TV Advertising Rates

NOTE: If you are interested in TV advertising rates for a specific city that is not listed above, please call 888-449-2526




How we can Make America Great Again! Was it ever really great?

thumb-doodle-clip-art-219731I was asked what it means to “Make America Great Again”  Okay – I’ll bite! To #MakeAmericaGreatAgain we need a real leader to guide us back on the path of hope, prosperity and moral living. I believe Donald J. Trump has the capacity to understand what has caused America to decline, and I feel he is the best Candidate in 2016 to lead us back to fiscal health and bring jobs and opportunity back to the USA.

Here is how I answer the question:

America was great when Family values were preeminent – When the sexually depraved and the communists on the far left stayed in the damned closet where they belong – When Abortion was properly illegal and when the pews of our churches were full of people of every race and creed – singing praises to our Lord Jesus and seeking to live moral and productive lives… When pride and self worth kept people from accepting hand outs and seeking undeserved charity – When everyone could find a decent job, open a business and succeed and live the good life – free of Government micro managers disrupting their daily lives. When children could depend on both a Mom and a Dad being there at the dinner table every night – America was great when hope sprung eternal and faith was our guide – when criminals faced real penalties for their crimes, and when children knew their place, and if they lost their way – Both Mom and Dad had the lawful authority to use appropriate discipline to help them find the path back to normalcy and self control – America was great when self defense was expected and not considered a crime, when Property rights had teeth, Parental rights had substance and when “Big Brother” was in a book titled “1984” and not a real threat – and Political Correctness did not exist, and Tattoos were a rare oddity, and marriage lasted a lifetime. Listed here are a few values and traditions that have been lost, altered or abandoned that once made America truly GREAT! Vote Trump & we will Make America Great Again!


-Roger Fredinburg


Trump Wins! Donald Trump survives attacks from Pope Francis & Obama to win big in South Carolina! BONUS – Tell All Radio Interview with Hillary Clinton

SC show graphic templateIn a week where Republican front runner Donald Trump overcame attacks from the Catholic Pontiff Pope Francis, who suggested after visiting Mexico that Trump wasn’t a Christian for wanting to build a wall on the border to repel the invasion. Ironically the Pope lives in the Vatican, a city surrounded by a fifty foot tall wall for protection from invaders? President #Obama suggested that #Trump2016 will not be the President. Dirty tricks continue from the Cruz campaign, causing him to fire communications director Rick Tyler. Here is the radio show from Sunday 02/21/2016 that covers most of the details. #Trump won South Carolina’s primary by over 10 points and is looking very strong in 10 of the next 14 contests.

Hillary Clinton answers the tough questions – hear her in her own word! Talk Radio Interview with Hillary Clinton – answers on Benghazi, email scandal, and her truthfulness on several issues. Listen now to the Roger Fredinburg show and Homeland Security Radio at…


South Carolina GOP Debate – Highlights, Analysis & review

sc DEBATE GRAPHICThe South Carolina #GOPDebate was the most contentious thus far. Featuring Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and that sap from Ohio, John Kasich. Here is the video companion for my radio show of February 14, 2016. My conclusion is that Trump may have hurt himself with reckless attacks on former President George W. Bush – the damage yet to be seen. I am convinced at this point that the Republican nomination is his to lose at this point. If he doesn’t pull in his horns, he will lose the support of many traditional values voters, that could spell disaster for Trump – who might benefit is anyone’s guess – keep watching – it is fun to watch for sure!

— Roger Fredinburg

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found DEAD! Was he murdered? Killed by Obama?

scalia 77The Conspiracy theory developing around the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a thriving conversation. I am happy to fuel the fervor that Scalia was murdered, assassinated, killed in his sleep by forces of the far left who recognized Justice Scalia as the most powerful force for conservative and traditional American values on the Supreme Court. I was friends with many people who crossed the powers that be and are now dead – the short list, Danny Cosalaro of the Inslaw software scandal involving Ed Meese and the BCCI cover up – Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News who broke the CIA and Crack Cocaine connection and Bill Cooper, author of Beyond a Pale Horse… and there are many more. Yes – I think Scalia was murdered – Deal with it!

— Roger Fredinburg

VIDEO: Was Justice Scalia Murdered?


Meet Los Angeles Contractor – Builder Livius S. Bogdan – Bathroom & Kitchen remodeling – Remodels

radio ad world 10_01_2015We at American Dreams Radio had the joy of interviewing Livius Bogdan of LSB Builders in Los Angeles. His amazing story is that he and his lovely young bride, many decades ago, escaped the tyranny and the horrors of Romania when under communist rule.  Not only is his company one of the best building contractors and remodeling experts in Southern California – but he also happens to be a heck of a nice guy. Listen to the interview below and let Livius at LSB (Licensed Specialty Builders) handle your remodeling needs in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

LSB is the best! An affordable high quality builder and contractor, top 10 contractor in Southern California – They remodel bathrooms, Kitchens, and build homes and condo’s. They also do apartment to condo conversions.

Plus, they are the top Mold, smoke and flood remediation company and general building contractor in the south land. A Full service builder – Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.
LICENSED SUPERIOR BUILDERS, INC. is a bonded, fully insured, medium sized general contracting company licensed in the State of California (Lic. B & HIC #954855). Their Building Division provides services to the Commercial, Residential, Building Management and Condominium Association community including:

Interior and Exterior Building Renovation
Apartment Conversions to Condominiums including Design and Compliance Assistance
Custom Home Construction
Existing Property Renovations including 2nd story Garage Conversions
New Interiors, Kitchen and Bathroom
Commercial Interiors, Tenant Improvements
Restaurant and Food Service related Construction including all aspects of Health Department associated projects
As a Certified Water Damage Restoration firm (IICR Certification #88118), we also specialize in:
Water Infiltration testing and repair
Mold Remediation Certified
EPA Certified Lead Paint Removal
24 Hour Emergency Response

OFFICE: 323.549.9838
CELL: 310.503.3353

Trump made right decision Skipping GOP Debate & Fox News Ambush – Iowa Caucus will tell all

TRUMP WORTHY GRAPHSkipping the #GOPDebate in Iowa was a brilliant move by Donald J. Trump. The Fox News teams agenda was to make Trump and Cruz out as a liberal, or as flip flopper and to draw suspicion – Basically Fox was going to try to end Trumps reign as the front runner. But they stupidly put out a silly PR announcement that was designed to mock and diminish Trump and call into question his Presidential credentials. It was a HUGE mistake for Fox to attempt to set Trump up – And of course they turned the guns on Cruz and fired away at him, likely destroying his chances in the Iowa caucus event – which is tomorrow at the time of this posting… Hang on folks – It’s getting exciting.

Hillary Clinton email Scandal – Evidence shows she BROKE THE LAW! Demand she be arrested now!

Hillary not in Jail graphicThe Roger Fredinburg Show features Carley Fiorina taking on Hillary Clinton’s record of criminal behavior and her enabling ways with hubby and former Adulterer in chief, Bill Clinton. The Obama administration appears to be afraid to enforce the law in Hillary’s case, even though her email scandal provides copious amounts of hard evidence that Hillary Clinton broke multiple federal laws by risking Americas closest and most guarded secrets. Her criminal acts and treasonous behavior may have damaged our intelligence operations and exposed American assets all over the world. With her slack attitude in Benghazi, 4 Americans are dead. But the shocker is; she may be responsible for many more deaths and even more failed intelligence gathering operations. She must be arrested, tried and convicted if America hopes to continue our Global leadership as a nation of laws.

Larry Pratt Interview with Roger Fredinburg – Executive Orders, Loretta Lynch – Fast and Furious – El Chapo and the 50 Caliber Oops!

guest Larry PrattDiscussion with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America about President Obama’s power grab and attempt at circumventing the US Constitution and the second amendment with executive power. We talk about Fast and Furious, El Chapo and the 50 Caliber sniper rifle, along with Loretta Lynch and the Attorney General refusing to do her job, and her acquiescence to Obama’s run around Congress on many policies. Sign up for Gun Owners of America’s free email alerts.


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