Poisoned Pineal and Premature loss of Prehensile Passions

Recently in the news….PipelinePutrefaction and
premature loss of prehensile pleasures and passions.

Roundup chemical,  Glyphosate,  in combination with aluminum synergistically induced pineal gland pathology, which in turn was linked to gut dysbiosis (P3–PythonPipelinePutrefaction) and neurological disease.

Dysbiosis: Looks like a job for Theralac PRO, TruFlora and Enzalase

……. neurological diseases, including autism, depression, dementia, anxiety disorder, and Parkinson’s disease, associated with abnormal sleep patterns, which are directly linked to pineal gland dysfunction.

….. pineal gland highly susceptible to environmental toxins: aluminum and glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup ®.

Glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria, leading to an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile. Its toxic product, p-cresol, is linked to autism in both human and mouse models. p-Cresol enhances uptake of aluminum via transferrin.

Anemia, a result of both aluminum disruption of heme and impaired heme synthesis by glyphosate, leads to hypoxia, which induces increased pineal gland transferrin synthesis.

Glyphosate allows ingested aluminum to bypass the gut barrier….. promoting anemia-induced hypoxia, neurotoxicity and damaging the pineal gland.

……glyphosate and aluminum disrupt cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are involved in melatonin metabolism …. melatonin is derived from tryptophan, whose synthesis in plants and microbes is blocked by glyphosate.

…… a plausible role for vitamin D3 dysbiosis in impaired gut function and impaired serotonin synthesis.

research proposes: impaired sulfate supply to the brain mediates the damage induced by the synergistic action of aluminum and glyphosate on the pineal gland and related midbrain nuclei.”


….and what’s in your Pineal Gland today?   do you know where your next aluminum poisoning or Roundup is coming from?



Sugar: #1 Degenerative Disease Stimulant

#1 Degenerative Disease Stimulant, Gateway Drug, Inflammatory Agent

the Universal ghost villain with multiple personality and developmental disorders

Sugar supports prematurely degenerating bodies.

Sugars are building blocks for carbohydrates not a youthful body, not a YouthfullNation.

take a carbohydrate, a piece of stale bread, chew it and mix with saliva for 5 minutes, it will get sweeter by the minute….as the carbohydrates are broken down into sugars…your tongue detects the conversation…..your brain gathers the building blocks for chemical dependency and addiction…and it’s not even a narcotic!

you tongue even has highly specialized taste buds focused specifically on SWEET.
Amino acids are building blocks for proteins.

Sugar like ta ffy takes on many sizes, shapes,
Sugar doesn’t always mean what you think it means.long

Sugar: One of the Most Inflammatory Ingredients entering the Gateway to Youthfulness …Gateway to Drugs and other destructive habits, traits,, meanings, even personalities. Very few living things can get along without some specific types of sugars with roles clearly defined.

Sugar is like the weather, depends upon your proximity to it and participation with it.
It’s virtually impossible to address inflammation without noting the role of sugar, found in ample supply in most processed foods.

Besides promoting chronic inflammation, refined sugar intake can also exert a toxic effect by contributing to insulin and leptin resistance and impaired signaling, which play a significant role in your mental health.

Life is a Balancing Act

Life in Balance is a challenge from infancy to elders.   It begins when you shove your feet, each one with 25 joints, into shoes at an early age and continue thru life doing that.

Remember from school when they taught you we were Arthropods….”jointed foot”.  Your feet need to be flexible and adaptable…you are born that way, but soon shoes, foods, and misinformation can change the course of your life.

Remember when you dentist told you periodontal disease was Stage I Arthritis, caused by a nutritional deficiency of about 18%?

Remember when your doctor told you that midlife arthritis was Stage II Arthritis, caused by a nutritional deficiency of about 30%?

Remember when your doctor told you that if you kept eating the way that got you to Stage I and Stage II Arthritis you’d end up with balance and hearing disorders, Stage III Arthritis?

Remember the first 2 drugs introduced by the pharmaceutical industry were antibiotics and arthritis medicine?    Pretty smart, make a drug to mask the symptoms of a condition common in malnourished arthropods,  without addressing the cause….profit and a long  term consumer!  Worse yet, there is no known correlation between the drug they prescribe and the condition they are treating you for.   The symptoms get masked, the condition continues all the days of your life…and you end up with more medications usuallly.

Remember when your doctor told you that nightshades really aggravate and arthritis conditions?   Did your doctor even know what a nightshade was?

Remember when your doctor told you arthritis was “part of getting old”, but it was a treatable disease?     It’s not a disease, it’s a definition.

Flexibility and mobility, both characteristics of youthfulness, that rapidly disappear prematurely in our malnourished nation, can be recovered nutritionally if you get started soon enough.

Your feet have to balance your body on top of them, they need to be very flexible to accommodate the irregular surfaces we are designed to walk on….but wait….what about shoes?

Your head has to send signals from the hearing and balance structures in your head and balance them out with the signals coming from your feet…..Should be easy, but ask anyone with balance problems….it’s a real problem.

Even more of a challenge is understanding why few doctors ever tell you early in life, or even late in life, about stage III Arthritis.

Get in touch with the Earth….with shoes on?  Get in touch with your body and it’s relationship between the environment within you and the environment you’d like to take your body into.   Life is a balancing act:  flexible feet, flexible hands, flexible prehensile organs, flexible ear bones.

Isn’t it time to return to the characteristics of youthfulness so you can continue the balancing act?   You are still an Arthropod, at any age.  You can be a frugivorous Omnivore at any age….the sooner the better.

You can if you understand the Frugivore-5…..available here soon.


Mercury Monkey on you back or in your mouth?

DD$ —– Degeneration Deception $

Did you pay $ to a professional to Deceive you, take your money without being fully informed and implant an extremely dangerous guaranteed material ( a silver filling ) that would ravage your entire body and promote Degeneration for the duration of  your life?

Invest the necessary time in your future and youthfulness… listen to this powerful presentation by world’s leading authorities on Dental Amalgam poisoning…..free at the moment for a limited time….. could be the best time you spent in a long time.

Isn’t it time to get better information in the interest of your future and your loved ones?

Information helps you make better decisions—it’s all about choices an consequences.  You’ll be surprised at the consequences of being deceived by your health care professionals.

It’s your life, your health and your choice.



“Silver fillings” Deception

DDS:  Deception Doctor Silver ?


“Silver fillings” is the great deceiver. About one-fourth of Americans, quite understandably, think that amalgam’s main component is silver, not mercury. Thus, deceptive marketing works, unfortunately!

We must stop the dental industry from using this term, and Consumers for Dental Choice’s campaigns can do that!

Is a silent silver bullet altering your future?

The Silver Bullet Hidden in your Tooth
Premature Degeneration without Regeneration

This is the week to shine the spotlight on your passport to premature degeneration. Do you have one?

Silver/Mercury fillings, often erroneously referred to as Silver restorations, don’t restore; they destroy everything about your future.

The missing element in the story: Mercury!
The missing truth: Mercury, the most toxic element on the Periodic Table of Elements other than radioactive material.

Stop Animal Cruelty – Bring back Family Farms | Are Commercial Farms EVIL?

farm animalsI grew up in a home that respected animals. My parents taught us early where meat came from by engaging us in micro farming and later on a 40 acre ranch, plus they took us down to the local abattoir – where we learned up close and personal how cattle are processed into food.

We had dogs, cats, sheep, goats, horses, cattle, ducks, geese, chickens and sheep. We were raised to treat them well, feed and care for them, water and love on them – all the while, knowing that some of them would end up in the freezer and eventually on the kitchen table as the family meal.

Not once did we ever mistreat our animals – we knew they weren’t all pets, but we took responsibility as stewards and cared for them as best as we were able.

I think these large corporate farms are within their rights to provide a service that feeds us and the world – But under no circumstances does anyone have the right to be cruel to innocent livestock.

I realize that there are even more disgusting things happening out there – Planned Parenthood selling baby parts and the like… but I saw this video and just had to comment.

The solution is to incentivize small family farms, get people connected to their own food supply chain and strive to have locally grown meat and produce. Non GMO if possible.

Watch this video and you will be as appalled as I am!

Click here to watch the video – It is disgusting that people can be so cruel

God Bless –Roger Fredinburg

Advertising: Can it change function and structure of the human body?

How often do you see the words change, the meanings change, the ‘normal range’ change, the side-effects change, the dosages change, the rules change?

Suddenly we see structure and function of the human body changing…..for the worse…..even on the path to extinction.   Why?

Could it be lack of education and understanding of the language of the human body?

Take a look around at the almost-robotic, ‘reality’ driven trash receptacles it has created; the rapidly prematurely degenerating species known as humans.

Tooth decay rampant in the species.

Replacement parts rampant…..but no desire to keep the original equipment we were born with!

Dysbiosis, rampant from Kisser-to-Klipper in all ages.

Arthritis, all 3 stages, Stage 1, 2 and 3, ravaging the upright, bipedal arthropods by interfering with flexibility and mobility so necessary for life.

Obesity has become the standard, even though it’s a classic sign of malnourishment, as are most degenerative conditions.

Diabetes influencing multiple generations of all ages, and definitely not a recent new discovery….Hippocrates even wrote about it.

Respiratory disorders in all ages.

Stagnation and congestion ravaging the species.

Ignorance, Complacency, Passivity and Sheeople-neck in pandemic proportions.

….. Have you noticed how many Rx’s there are to mask those symptoms of PythonPipePutrification?

For those of you with those Rx’s, what’s your Px?   Was it ever explained to you?

Are you going to let advertising change your life and youthfullness; or has it?

How well do you understand the language of the human body?

Nasal Balloon inflation. recent new classroom activity

Children with otitis media, glue-ear, with effusion

were effectively treated with nasal balloons.

A new, nonsurgical treatment option for the millions of people

diagnosed with the ailment annually in the United States,

according to a pragmatic trial.

Otitis media, or glue ear, affects up to 80% of children.

2.2 million children sought treatment for it in 2004 in the US

$4.0 billion in healthcare costs.

Either a nurse or a parent showed the child

how to properly stretch the balloon, insert it into a nostril,

and inflate it by blowing through the nostril.


Did anyone at home or the school ever consider teaching kids

WHY they got this condition?

Same reason these kids usually have “putty-butt”,   aka Glue-Butt.

Will the nasal balloons come in different colors?

Palliative (Mask, cloak or hide) …..”give no poisons” … “do no harm”

No comments needed from the silent majority.

Your mind might be talking to you; are you listening?

  Drink 2 glasses of water — Sleep on the 3 repetitive phrases in bold

and make your comments  here in the morning.


…..a recent NEW? Discovery!!!

Patients with end-stage cancer often receive chemotherapy,

“give no poisons” — “do no harm”?!

under the assumption   that it will improve their quality of life

or may even extend survival.

However, new data suggest quite the opposite.

 The investigators found that

chemotherapy did not improve quality of life

“give no poisons”


in fact, made it worse.

“do no harm”

There was also no benefit to overall survival.

The study was published online July 23 in JAMA Oncology.

 “If this so-called palliative chemotherapy

“mask, cloak, hide ?” — “give no poisons” — “do no harm”

is given to improve their symptoms, then these data should give them pause that it’s not going to help.”

“mask, cloak, hide”

Dr Prigerson explained.

“So the question is, why?

Mask, cloak, hide — Give no poisons — Do no harm


Why would a person who was functioning well be given chemotherapy?”

PALLIATIVE no less…!!!!

Why would a person who was functioning well
be given chemotherapy?  :Dr Holly Prigerson

 “However, these were patients with a life expectancy of less than 6 months,

 the irony is that because they are doing well,

oncologists feel that they are the ones who may benefit most,

“do no harm”

when in fact these patients have the most to lose by getting chemotherapy,”

do no harm” — “give no poisons”

“it is disconcerting that oncologists still recommend and use systemic therapy so close to patient death,”

Charles D. Blanke, MD, and Erik. K. Fromme, MD,

both from the Oregon Health and Science University, Portland,

consider what message this study holds for clinical practice.

“If an oncologist suspects the death of a patient in the next 6 months,

the default should be no active treatment,”

Let us not contribute to the suffering that cancer,

and often associated therapy,

brings, particularly at the end.”

Continue reading Palliative (Mask, cloak or hide) …..”give no poisons” … “do no harm”

The Last Flush — Gaming Mother Nature

 The Last FLUSH — Gaming “Mutha-N”

Rich Gorris, DDS, Ltd.

© Ardege 2015


When the last ball drops…a bazillion are made.

Do you have a Mercurial Monkey on your back, raining from the skies, in your mouth, on your face and in your future?


With the rise in popularity of vaping, be advised that vaping isn’t a recent new discovery.

At least Vaping-Hg!

It was first proposed and experimented in the mid 1800’s. There was tremendous polarity of opinions from the professionals who knew all 3 sides of the coin.

Organizations were formed, for and against it. Petitions were formed, new words brought into conversation—QUACK.  A powerful document sort of paralleling the Hippocratic Oath was signed by many, but ignored by most professionals and their guiding organizations.


How long have you been Vaping the Hg vapors, the time- released one, released every time they touch something in the Gateway to Youthfulness or Degeneration….into the most frequently used and crucial part of your body,   the entrance to the Dragons Processing Tunnel, the PythonPipeline,  the              Kisser-to-Klipper…whatever, however…it’s all the same   there is no winning hand when you you gamble with Mutha’-N.


Why not Quack-free dentistry…no-touch dentistry?

We already have No-Touch Toilets, but we don’t yet have No-Touch toilet paper.

We have scented toilet paper, used on an area that often emanates smells, but has no nose at the launch zone.

We have artistic toilet paper, butt once again…no eyes than can see at the launch zone.

We have Flush-less toilets, and I’m not referring to out-houses.

We have humans that use the body as the toilet.

We even have a few informed humans that don’t use toilets, they don’t use toilet paper, and their butts don’t need cleanup at the launch gate…but most of the time it’s just animals, fueling the bodies to meet the requirement of their unique fuel processor in the Dragons Tunnel and it’s way of dismantling Mutha’N’s elements and reassembling them to maintain your characteristic of youthfulness for the adventure of your lifetime.


Do you really need to be licensed to educate, motivate and inspire kids of all ages learn to be in balance with Mutha’N, teach them about Your Winning Hands, soon to be released by the Prehensile Press, a multidimensional and multiSensOral ©™ guide for helping you get a grip and get onboard for the adventure of your lifetime… thriving on the balancing points with Mutha’N.


Are you Thriving…or just surviving?


America’s WMD’s Displayed in Your City?

America’s WMD’s displayed in your city


By Richard Gorris, D.D.S.

© Ardege 2013

Have you ever considered food a weapon?

Seen in the light of the rising sun, food can be:

a source of power;

a fuel to nourish your body;

a means to profit;

a weapon for peace;

a weapon for mass destruction and degeneration of the human body!

For some reason, it’s a power that has been put into your hands. Are you using that power for degeneration or regeneration and rejuvenation of your miraculous body?


The real WMD is the table setting; the knife, fork, spoon and cup. The implements you use to shovel chemical weapons, disguised as food and beverage, into your mouth with wanton disregard for its contents or consequences.


Take a look around. What do you see?

What do you hear from those around you and on TV?

What complaints and symptoms do you read about in the media? What are your complaints?   Are they related to WMD’s hidden in the privacy of your home, or paraded and advertised throughout your town?

That should be enough proof.

Do you really need more teams to investigate while you needlessly suffer and your life erodes from within, without your knowledge or consent?


“Over the lips, past the gums, look out stomach here it comes”.

Should that be blared out over the PA systems at your local fast food restaurants?

Is that your national anthem?



You are a part of the most misinformed species in the animal kingdom.


Come on back tomorrow and I’ll explain it to you in another way.


Keys to unlocking new Awareness

In the Light of the Night is there an Awakening, the key to unlocking new awarenesses in you.

When the lights go out and the thoughts come on,  are there visions of sugar plums dancing in your head?

Have the characteristics of youthfulness been nourished during this day so that the healing, regeneration and rejuvenation can prevail during sleep?

is there a train wreck in your future?

Are there degenerative demons tearing up the delicate life-promoting tunnel materials from Kisser to Klipper, materials mandatory for inbound nutrients to enter into and nourish your body in search of youthfulness, and for outbound by-products and debris to leave.

Is there dancing and destruction in that mysterious tunnel designed for healing, repairing, regenerating and rejuvenating?

Is it delivered thru what was once referred to as the gateway to youthfulness, but now has turned into the gateway of degeneration via the gateway drug of choice—sugar?

Is there repair work needed because of sugar-bugs and uninvited guests?

Are there beacons of energy pulsing from the powerhouse within you making brilliant light —a brilliance you will never see, but you are entitled to feel?

Sounds making echos and transmitting energy you can feel flashing from a train that you will never see?

Why not let it illuminate the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday?

Illuminate your thoughts for tomorrow, built on the today’s lessons.


In the silence of darkness are there bells ringing and energies in motion?

Could the flashing lights mean a train is on the way?

When the lights go out, the train is still running, in silence, in darkness, it runs from Kisser to Klipper, faithfully, working on your behalf, to heal, repair, regenerate and rejuvenate that world within you, that is bigger than the world around you!

 Is there a train wreck in your future?

Most Misinformed Species in Animal Kingdom

the most misinformed species in the animals kingdom—Humankind

1 The only one that drinks milk after being weaned
2 The only mammal feeding milk from another animal to its offspring
3 The only species denying it’s offspring it’s own mom’s milk containing the immunities it will need during the few years it takes to develop its own immune system and become self sustaining.
4 The only species who routinely gives consent to be vaccinated with something they don’t even know about.
5 The only species denying itself of food in the interest of weight control.
6 The only species finding it necessary to prepare food on a special device, in particular lthe microwave oven, formerly known as a Radar Range when they first came onto the market.
7 The only species needing a special device to sit on in order to eliminate waste from its body.
8 The only species needing toilet paper to clean up the launch site at the Porcelain Pond.
9 The only species who routinely has their teeth cleaned, or the holes in them filled with the most toxic element on this Earth other than radioactive material.
10 The only species routinely seeking birthing assistance with chemicals which interfere with the ability of the infant to nurse from its own Mom.

How Sweet it is…


$weetitis—How $weet It Is

$weetitis–How $weet It Is

By Richard Gorris, D.D.S.


Refined sugars are the number one “gateway drug” affecting people of all ages, all generations, and all nations.

How many times a day do you hear the words ‘sweet’ , ‘sweetener’ or ‘sugar’?   If as the advertising says:  “All sugars are the same”, it seems only plausible that all sweets must be the same.  Following the same logic, a very fuzzy one in reality, sweets and sugars are probably the same.   Wrong.

Let me clarify.   Most sugars, if they are not essential sugars, are gateway drugs.  The original gateway drug was refined white sugar and its relatives; burnt, caramelized, powdered, made into syrup, confectioned, or otherwise adulterated.    Even worse than refined sugar, and rapidly replacing it is HFCS, high fructose corn syrup and other chemically engineered sweeteners.  I’m not talking about just Americans, but people of all nations who choose to follow the American food processors and their way of ‘sweetening’ the taste and the profits of their processed and chemically engineered foods.  They are high in sugar density and low in nutrient density and almost always lead to some kind of “….itis”.

Sugars, if they are not essential sugars are the precursors to most degenerative diseases, particularly those diseases in and around the digestive tunnel running thru the body from Kisser to Klipper.  They all begin with inflammation, aka “….itis” and “Python Pipe Putrefaction”, PPP as commonly referred with medical acronyms.

If it’s inflamed, it’s defined by putting “ITIS” at the end of the word describing the location.

Arthritis = inflamed joints and difficulty in moving body parts.

Bronchitis = inflamed breathing apparatus.

Colitis = inflamed colon or digestive apparatus.

Dollaritis = inflamed and devalued currency often spent paying a doctor.

Digititis = inflamed fingers from too much keyboarding and tearing open packaged food.

Gingivitis = inflamed soft tissue around your teeth

Periodontitis = inflamed bone around your teeth and the first of 3 stages of Arthritis, usually occurring when nutrient deficiency has yet to reach 20%.  Do you know what stage 3 Arthritis is?

A large portion of your “ itis’ ” are related to the contents of your digestive tract.  More specifically from the foods you have eaten or the debris and toxins accumulating within your digestive tract and associated tissues.  Once saturated they begin spilling into your liver, blood stream and other organs.  This causes you to suffer from inflammation, allergies, digestive disturbances, yin fire, degenerative conditions, weight management issues and premature aging.  They all cause you to have symptoms and suffering leading you to seek relief from prescriptions which only mask the symptoms and don’t really deal with the cause while the degenerative condition rages on.

You can easily learn “how-to” take control of your future, your youthfulness and well-being—it’s in your hands.

Having spent thousands of hours preparing to go to dental school, going to dental school, and being poisoned along the way to and including during my chosen career…working as a caretaker in the upper end of the digestive tunnel of the most misinformed species in the animal kingdom…I had the unusual and often fascinating opportunity to look into and through thousands of gateways to health or disease.  The gateway I refer to is the Oral Cavity.  Unfortunately, to the uninformed and misinformed, it is the gateway to disease, dysfunction, degeneration, and premature aging and premature autopsies.

LISTEN in the privacy of your own home next month to the first of 5 sessions as I discuss the important things that you can do to remodel your body, detoxify your body and help return it to a healing and regenerative mode.  This will allow you to experience your miraculous body the multidimensional, and multiSensOral way it is supposed to function as you experience the adventure of your lifetime in a youthful, productive, multidimensional and multisensory way.

It’s as easy as the ABC’s—and it’s in your hands.

Make the positive changes necessary to take control NOW.

If not you, who?  If not now, when?

For further information on how to participate, please contact me: winninghands@surfpower.net

It’s your life, your youthfulness and your choice!!


Emerging new chemical dependency = INSTANTitis.

Excessive symptoms from nutrient deficiency;  a new chemical dependency emerges.

Dependency on convenience has been found to be a contributing cause for many inconveniences, sometimes referred to as symptoms such as Inflammation and Instantitis

Deficiency in nutrients leads to an excess of symptoms…if you are aware !

How many conditions are a result of deficiency in pharmaceuticals?
How many conditions are brought on by excess of pharmaceuticals?