Cheap Radio and TV ads, Commercials, Production, Audio, Video and script writing

Get the lowest cost and highest quality audio and video commercials for both radio and TV advertising made by our friends at Advertising World

Radio ads and TV ads made fast and cheap – Prices start  at $99.00

Professional nationally syndicated radio host will read your ad, giving it the boost of an endorsed ad. The they’ll place a music bed with your ad and email back, sometime the same day – Rush orders available at extra cost. Call for examples and a free quote.

Cheap TV and radkio ad production

Video Productions – 1-888-449-2526

Advertising that gets results

Local and national radio and TV ad ratesIf you want to get great media buyer services and high quality advertising campaigns done right… Call these guys ate Advertising that gets results!

Ho to get ads on radio and TV at the best rates in the Unites States. Contacts that go back decades are the secret to getting the really good deals that come along.

20,000 TV commercials at about 65 cents an ad. Radio on Talk radio stations at about the same price. Or more targeted and precise camaigns can be negotiated with cost savings at the core of the discussion. Call for more details!

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Cheap remnant and Stand by Print ad rates 888-449-2526

Display advertising  remnant rates online, newspaper and magazines at the lowest prices in America.  Now you can get the very best rates for newspapers, magazines and online, even dedicated email list rental is included for some offers. Radio and TV advertising in any state in the USA. Regardless the size of your budget or demands for audience reach! We are your #1 agency for Cheap remnant and spot market rates for local and national display advertising campaigns. Advertise for less and get more ROI for you ad dollars. Call 888-449-2526 for a free price quote and media plan. Host ant talent endorsements available for selected campaigns.

Call 888-449-2526 to advertise in any state to begin your newspaper display advertising campaign.Remnant and standby ad rates available in most media markets.

Advertise cheap in newspapers in any of these States!

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Cheap TV advertising rates! 888-449-2526

How can you get the very best rates for Radio and TV advertising in any state in the USA. Cheap remnant TV and cable TV spot market rates for local and national advertising campaigns. Advertise on TV for less and get more ROI for you ad dollars. Call 888-449-2526 for a free price quote and media plan.

USA Map000

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Washington D.C. Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island south carolina south dakota tennessee texas utah Washington Vermont Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Vermont MAP of US

Cheap radio advertising rates 888-449-2526

Get the very best rates for Radio and TV advertising in any state in the USA. Cheap remnant and spot market rates for local and national advertising campaigns. Advertise for less and get more ROI for you ad dollars. Call 888-449-2526 for a free price quote and media plan. Host ant talent endorsements available for selected campaigns.


Cheap advertising rates

How much does radio, TV, Cable news and Online display advertising cost

People often ask what the cost of advertising on key TV, Radio and Online display media with conservative audiences. Here is a list of some of the best advertising options we know about. Remnant rates, host endorsements and live reads in local or national shows. Geo Target markets, audience demographics and by age, income and zip code! Call them at 888-449-2526 for help with your advertising needs. They even work with limited budgets!

From our friends at Ho Hum Media Inc.

They have new websites up to help you get great advertising deals!

How much does it cost to advertise on the Drudge Report

How much does it cost to advertise on CNN cable news

How much does it cost to advertise on Sirius XM satellite radio

How much does it cost to advertise on Fox news channel Fox Business and radio

How much does it cost to advertise on Laura Ingraham

How much does it cost to advertise on Mark Levin’s radio show

How much does it cost to advertise on Michael Savage’s show Savage Nation

How much does it cost to advertise on ESPN sports TV and radio  or online


New print remnant and stand by newspaper advertising source

advertise with us banner smaller sizeWe have another great source for local, National and regional newspaper advertising opportunity. Remnant and stand by rates for virtually every newspaper in the USA. Display advertising in print editions or online.
To get cheap, low cost remnant and stand by advertising space in any newspaper Call our friends at Ho Hum Media inc. 888-449-2526. Free media advertising planning and media buying services.

Newspaper Advertising World – Print and Online edition Display ads


Advertise in these and many other fine newspapers.
The Independent
Daily Mirror
The Daily Telegraph
The Wall Street Journal
Daily Express
USA Today
The Herald
The Times
Financial Times
London Evening Standard
The Sunday Times
Chicago Sun-Times
News of the World
The Irish News
The Hindu
Deseret News
The Age
The News International
The Sydney Morning Herald

Cheap radio advertising in all 50 States

radio advertisingIf you want cheap radio advertising deals in all 50 States – You must contact our friends at where you will find low rates, great media planners and buyers and some of the nicest and most experience marketing and advertising people on earth. Call them today or visit their website now!

Radio Advertising in any City – All 50 States – Use this Agency

radio ad world 10_01_2015To advertise successfully at the lowest possible rates and costs, to get the best deals, best service and to have a media buyer you can trust – We have determined that the best National advertising Agency in the USA is our own choice – Ho Hum Productions (Ho Hum Media Inc.)

For Radio advertising, TV advertising, Cable, National and Local advertising… We highly recommend you call them at 888-449-2526. They offer numerous full service agency capabilities but keep it real, small, family owned. They refer out key elements of your campaign to the best media partners in the world for advertising and marketing campaigns. Remnant, stand by and unsold inventory low or cheap advertising deals available for some offers.

Here is an example of the radio and TV stations they reach, and local of national cable is also available through these links below.

Radio Advertising Contacts

TV Advertising Contacts

Ad Agency Contacts

Texas Radio Advertising Rates and Costs – Our recommendation

radio ad world 10_01_2015Our recommendation for radio advertising in the state of Texas is one we take great pride in suggesting. For the best, cheapest, lowest rates and costs for radio advertising in Texas – call our friends at Ho Hum Productions (Ho Hum Media inc.)

Remnant and unsold inventory deals are available for some offers if approved. Ask about remnant rates, spot buys and special pricing.

For TV Advertising Click Here

Radio advertising costs and rates in Texas

Radio Advertising Deals – New York

radio ad world 10_01_2015To get the cheapest, most affordable and best rates, prices and lowest possible cost for advertising anywhere in New York City or the State of New York, or the Tri-State area we highly recommend and endorse Radio Advertising World for all of your radio, TV and cable advertising needs.

Here are a few of the cities and stations they can help you buy media on at the lowest and best rates in all of New York radio. Remember to ask about remnant and special rates or prices for spot and radio station unsold inventory.

For TV Advertising Click Here

Radio advertising costs and rates in New York


Cheap Radio Advertising deals – California

radio ad world 10_01_2015We strongly recommend Radio Advertising World for all of your advertising needs in the Great State of California. They will get you the best rates and the lowest costs in our experience. Here are some links to some of the radio stations they and cities they do media planning an radio buys in… Ask about remnant and special rates or prices for spot radio and radio station unsold inventory.

For TV Advertising Click Here

Radio advertising costs and rates in California

TV & Cable advertising Rates, Costs & Prices by City & State

Advertising rates#Advertising #rates and #costs for #TV and on #Cable television is still the best media and marketing option for reaching Seniors and the coveted 35 – 64 audience demographic.

Television and Cable TV audiences often make the very best and even some of the the least celebrated Direct Response campaigns succeed.

There is nothing like a good TV ad to draw calls and website visitors to your offer. The secret to making a TV advertising campaign succeed in today’s DVR and Fast Forward TV viewer environment.

The best way to get your TV ad campaign to rock – Pricing, costs and rates must be negotiated at the best possible rate to get the biggest bang for your buck!

There are any number of ad agencies out there who can help achieve that objective. In our experience, the best negotiators in the business are the media buyers at the national advertising agency owned by Ho Hum Media inc. Their media buying arm at radio advertising world is superb for all media buying needs.

Here are some of the cities they serve ads in:

Television & TV Advertising rates, cost and prices – State By State:
New York TV Advertising Rates
North Carolina TV Advertising #Rates #costs
North Dakota TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Ohio TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Oklahoma TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Oregon TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Pennsylvania TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Rhode Island TV Advertising #Rates #costs
South Carolina TV Advertising #Rates #costs
South Dakota TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Tennessee TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Texas Radio TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Utah Radio TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Vermont TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Virginia TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Washington TV Advertising #Rates #costs
West Virginia TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Wisconsin TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Wyoming TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Alabama TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Alaska TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Arizona TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Arkansas TV Advertising #Rates #costs
California TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Colorado TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Connecticut TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Delaware TV Advertising #Rates #costs
District of Columbia TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Florida TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Georgia TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Hawaii TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Idaho TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Illinois TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Indiana TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Iowa TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Kansas TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Kentucky TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Louisiana TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Maine TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Maryland TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Massachusetts TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Michigan TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Minnesota TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Mississippi TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Missouri TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Montana TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Nebraska TV Advertising #Rates #costs
Nevada TV Advertising #Rates #costs
New Hampshire TV Advertising #Rates #costs
New Jersey TV Advertising #Rates #costs
New Mexico TV Advertising #Rates #costs

Call to get TV Ad costs, rates and prices – For the Largest U.S. Cities

Memphis, TN TV Advertising Rates
Mesa, AZ TV Advertising Rates
Miami, FL TV Advertising Rates
Milwaukee, WI TV Advertising Rates
Minneapolis, MN TV Advertising Rates
Nashville, TN TV Advertising Rates
New Orleans, LA TV Advertising Rates
New York, NY TV Advertising Rates
Oakland, CA TV Advertising Rates
Oklahoma City, OK TV Advertising Rates
Omaha, NE Radio Advertising Rates
Philadelphia, PA TV Advertising Rates
Phoenix, AZ TV Advertising Rates
Portland, OR TV Advertising Rates
Sacramento, CA TV Advertising Rates
San Antonio, TX TV Advertising Rates
San Diego, CA TV Advertising Rates
San Francisco, CA TV Advertising Rates
San Jose, CA TV Advertising Rates
Seattle, WA TV Advertising Rates
Tucson, AZ TV Advertising Rates
Tulsa, OK TV Advertising Rates
Virginia Beach, VA TV Advertising Rates
Washington, DC TV Advertising Rates
Albuquerque, NM TV Advertising Rates
Arlington, TX TV Advertising Rates
Atlanta, GA TV Advertising Rates
Austin, TX TV Advertising Rates
Baltimore, MD TV Advertising Rates
Boston, MA TV Advertising Rates
Charlotte, NC TV Advertising Rates
Chicago, IL TV Advertising Rates
Cleveland, OH TV Advertising Rates
Colorado Springs, CO TV Advertising Rates
Columbus, OH TV Advertising Rates
Dallas, TX TV Advertising Rates
Denver, CO TV Advertising Rates
Detroit, MI TV Advertising Rates
El Paso, TX TV Advertising Rates
Fort Worth, TX TV Advertising Rates
Fresno, CA TV Advertising Rates
Honolulu, HI TV Advertising Rates
Houston, TX TV Advertising Rates
Houston, TX TV Advertising Rates
Indianapolis, IN TV Advertising Rates
Kansas City, MO TV Advertising Rates
Las Vegas, NV TV Advertising Rates
Long Beach, CA TV Advertising Rates
Los Angeles, CA TV Advertising Rates
Louisville, KY TV Advertising Rates

NOTE: If you are interested in TV advertising rates for a specific city that is not listed above, please call 888-449-2526




Radio Advertising rates, cost & prices by State & City

Advertising ratesBREAKING – #Radio Ad rates, cost and prices can vary considerably across the board. The most important lesson we have learned is that being represented by a professional medial buyer or ad agency is the smart move for small business advertising to succeed. We strongly recommend that before you start advertising campaigns and before you rush out to buy advertising schedules on Radio, TV or online, you really should have an experienced negotiator on your team. There are many good agencies and media buying companies out there. We often recommend Ho Hum Media inc. (Radio Advertising World) because they have served us well as our agency since 1992. They always negotiate the best rates, keeping our advertising costs under control and helping us with media planning, management and campaign analysis. Whether you use their services or another expert, we still advise that you get professional consulting, from a reputable company and be sure that you are getting the best deals. There are many sketchy ad agents out there, you just need to be cautious.  Here is a list of some of the many markets our agency has placed ads for us, Get all the “rates” and “Costs” by calling 888-449-2526. They place ads online, on websites and networks, they get great deals on TV and Radio advertising for national campaigns or local spot buys on local market stations. Also local and national cable TV and Cable news channel advertising on media like Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg etc.

They get amazing rates on Premiere and Cumulus / Westwood One radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, The Blaze, George Noory, Michael Savage and Mark Levin. And, they have helped us make good and affordable satellite TV and Radio buys on media like Sirius XM and DirecTV.

Get #Radio #Advertising #rates, #cost and prices – State By State average about $5 CPM:

Alabama Radio Advertising Rates
Alaska Radio Advertising Rates
Arizona Radio Advertising Rates
Arkansas Radio Advertising Rates

California Radio Advertising Rates
Colorado Radio Advertising Rates
Connecticut Radio Advertising Rates
Delaware Radio Advertising Rates
District of Columbia Radio Advertising Rates
Florida Radio Advertising Rates
Georgia Radio Advertising Rates
Hawaii Radio Advertising Rates
Idaho Radio Advertising Rates
Illinois Radio Advertising Rates
Indiana Radio Advertising Rates
Iowa Radio Advertising Rates
Kansas Radio Advertising Rates
Kentucky Radio Advertising Rates
Louisiana Radio Advertising Rates
Maine Radio Advertising Rates
Maryland Radio Advertising Rates
Massachusetts Radio Advertising Rates
Michigan Radio Advertising Rates
Minnesota Radio Advertising Rates
Mississippi Radio Advertising Rates
Missouri Radio Advertising Rates
Montana Radio Advertising Rates
Nebraska Radio Advertising Rates
Nevada Radio Advertising Rates
New Hampshire Radio Advertising Rates
New Jersey Radio Advertising Rates
New Mexico Radio Advertising Rates
New York Radio Advertising Rates
North Carolina Radio Advertising Rates
North Dakota Radio Advertising Rates
Ohio Radio Advertising Rates
Oklahoma Radio Advertising Rates
Oregon Radio Advertising Rates
Pennsylvania Radio Advertising Rates
Rhode Island Radio Advertising Rates
South Carolina Radio Advertising Rates
South Dakota Radio Advertising Rates
Tennessee Radio Advertising Rates
Texas Radio Advertising Rates
Utah Radio Advertising Rates
Vermont Radio Advertising Rates
Virginia Radio Advertising Rates
Washington Radio Advertising Rates
West Virginia Radio Advertising Rates
Wisconsin Radio Advertising Rates
Wyoming Radio Advertising Rates


Call to get radio Ad costs, rates and prices – For the Largest U.S. Cities

Albuquerque, NM Radio Advertising Rates
Arlington, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Atlanta, GA Radio Advertising Rates
Austin, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Baltimore, MD Radio Advertising Rates
Boston, MA Radio Advertising Rates
Charlotte, NC Radio Advertising Rates
Chicago, IL Radio Advertising Rates
Cleveland, OH Radio Advertising Rates
Colorado Springs, CO Radio Advertising Rates
Columbus, OH Radio Advertising Rates
Dallas, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Denver, CO Radio Advertising Rates
Detroit, MI Radio Advertising Rates
El Paso, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Fort Worth, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Fresno, CA Radio Advertising Rates
Honolulu, HI Radio Advertising Rates
Houston, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Houston, TX Radio Advertising Rates
Indianapolis, IN Radio Advertising Rates
Kansas City, MO Radio Advertising Rates
Las Vegas, NV Radio Advertising Rates
Long Beach, CA Radio Advertising Rates
Los Angeles, CA Radio Advertising Rates
Louisville, KY Radio Advertising Rates
Memphis, TN Radio Advertising Rates
Mesa, AZ Radio Advertising Rates
Miami, FL Radio Advertising Rates
Milwaukee, WI Radio Advertising Rates
Minneapolis, MN Radio Advertising Rates
Nashville, TN Radio Advertising Rates
New Orleans, LA Radio Advertising Rates
New York, NY Radio Advertising Rates
Oakland, CA Radio Advertising Rates
Oklahoma City, OK Radio Advertising Rates
Omaha, NE Radio Advertising Rates
Philadelphia, PA Radio Advertising Rates
Phoenix, AZ Radio Advertising Rates
Portland, OR Radio Advertising Rates
Sacramento, CA Radio Advertising Rates
San Antonio, TX Radio Advertising Rates
San Diego, CA Radio Advertising Rates
San Francisco, CA Radio Advertising Rates
San Jose, CA Radio Advertising Rates
Seattle, WA Radio Advertising Rates
Tucson, AZ Radio Advertising Rates
Tulsa, OK Radio Advertising Rates
Virginia Beach, VA Radio Advertising Rates
Washington, DC Radio Advertising Rates

NOTE: If you are interested in “radio advertising rates” for a specific city that is not listed above, please call 88-449-2526




Advertising Keywords that work for Radio, TV, Online – media buyers

radio ad world 10_01_2015Advertising and Marketing keywords are an important part of the advertising industry success story. Great radio advertising deals, Cost effective digital, online and TV advertising campaigns make the economy stronger and more prosperous for us all. Our good friends at Ho Hum Media inc. and Radio Advertising world have developed a list of industry keywords that agencies and media buyers will find useful. Ho Hum Media (Radio Advertising World) CEO Roger Fredinburg, when asked why he would release these keywords to his potential competitors said “Advertising and Marketing people often partner and share their valuable experience to help the advertisers succeed! The better businesses and organization fair in their marketing experience, the more we all benefit over time… Success breeds success” Their website URL is:
“What a country”! And to that all we can say is Wow!
Below is a [VIDEO] and a complete list of those Advertising keywords are there.


And here is that list of industry keywords:

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Radio Interviews for Authors, Writers, books and issues

Ad slick for craigs listRadio interviews with the biggest and most listened to or top radio hosts are not easy to secure. Sadly, booking agents want a lot of money to do little more than email an interview request out to masses of show producers, hoping to get a reply and nail down a booking fee.

At Radio Advertising World you will learn how to set yourself up and position your message in a way that it will appeal to both hosts and more importantly, their gate keeper producers.

To find out how to secure the best interview opportunities, visit our friends at Radio Advertising world. Call 888-449-2526 – Here is the link:

Radio Interview Information worth Knowing


Author Interviews Explained

Radio with Video for Amazon & Web

Podcasting Options for steady messaging


Radio Interviews for Authors and Writers – How to Market and Sell More Books – and Learn how to get people to read your book! Best Book Launch and Publicity tool ever devised! Best PR tool for Books ever created!

The Host of American Dream Radio (Roger Fredinburg) has interviewed over 10,000 Authors and writers. He has created a new Marketing tool for sales people and Authors, small business and the like, that is revolutionizing the concept of Marketing and selling just about anything. Whether you are trying to get a business off the ground, sell more financial instruments such as Insurance and Annuities, or if you just want people to find, buy and read your book. This Radio Interview with Companion video program will work for you. The Video Companion with the Radio interview audio provides a deep and meaningful experience for the prospective client, buyer, reader, customer etc. If you have anything to sell, and you want the best sales closing tool ever developed… We recommend you contact RAW Media
Book Release for dummies! Best way to launch a new book – How to sell more books, Market my book, Get Radio Interviews for my book, Launch my book and get people to read my book. Call 888-449-2526. Videos made for Amazon Authors and Authors den.


How to save money and Advertise on shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sirius XM, iHeart and more – Rates and Media kits and 20+ Years of experience

New Media Advertising Tips and advice:
new ho hum banner 6-28-2015
Talk Radio, Remnant TV and Print are killing it for most Direct Response advertisers. Mobile and Banner display and well as prerolls are producing great dividends for advertisers who must turn a decent ROI or MER.
The best media buyer and ad agency we could find is Ho Hum Media inc. or Ho Hum Productions. Their address is
They also offer Long form radio infomercials and interviews with companion videos for You Tube, Amazon and eBay. These short Talk Radio Style interviews work like magic, especially for sale oriented businesses like Insurance Agents, Annuities Agents, or for Amazon and eBay stores. Book publicists and Authors will find the service to be valuable and with a known Nation Host doing the interviews, it is pure magic.
They also conduct Long Form interviews to be placed onto radio stations as infomercials, and they offer c-hosted pod-casting with a national radio personality at an insanely low price.
For rates, media kits, audience data etc. on radio shows, radio stations and online radio, call them. They offer media buying and place your advertising budgets on media such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, George Noory, Michael Savage, Sirius XM, iHeart, Pandora, Mark Levin, Fox News Channel, CNN, Alex Jones and many more.
For advertising quotes, or to advertise on your favorite media, we strongly advise that you contact Ho Hum Media or Radio Advertising world at 1-888-449-2526 or email longformradio (at)
Advertising, Marketing and production are their specialty! Dedicated email lists also available on request!